Thank You Notes

Thank You! Gracias Thank You! Merci Thank You! Domo  Arigato

A letter signifies that someone has gone the extra mile to communicate.  Although, living in such a tech society, we may become more reliant on an email or text message to convey our gratitude. Imagine leaving an interview in this economic environment, and following up with an email Thank You.  Imagine how many emails you get on average… Becoming lost in the shuffle and the sense of unprofessionalism may kill your deal!  Although these  tech options may work, writing by hand should be emphasized.

I truly believe that paper makes the difference.  A quirky character, monogram, motif, photo, or even blank note cards work well for accomplishing this task.  That said,  I believe it improper to send a thank you note with a pre-amended message saying Thank You on the outside panel.  No matter how beautiful a card you find with this phrase, nothing says THANK YOU like having those special words written by the hand of the sender.  Ahhhh!  What a treasure!

Books we carry to assist with etiquette and the art of writing are:  The Art of the Handwritten Note, Etiquette in Business and Crane & Company Blue Book of Wedding Etiquette and Stationery.

Miss Parker

Posted on: February 12, 2011

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