Sharon & Arlan

What an absolute delight working with these two! Their sweet love story is below along with engagement photos.  Enjoy!

Miss Parker

P.S. Hey all you grooms out there… Arlan is hand addressing all of the envelopes for his beautiful bride! Ahhh, chivalry!

The story of Sharon & Arlan:

It’s a complicated but unique story so I hope you all can follow. They met at a college orientation when they were transferring to SDSU. They were in a classroom filled with other students also transferring to the college. They started small talk and basically went through the orientation together. Once the orientation ended, they thought that they would never see each other again. Around that time, Arlan was moving into his new home. A few months went by and Sharon’s parents were in the process of moving into their new house also and Sharon was there to help. Her mom wanted her to meet the neighbor directly across the street and Sharon agreed. Her mom introduced them and instantly they remembered each other from the orientation. Sharon’s mom was surprised that they already knew each other. Was it a coincidence or destiny? From there, they became friends. They hung out every now and then. They saw each other go through relationships. Eventually, they started hanging out more and began to realize that there might be something more than friends between them. They started hanging out more and getting to know each other better. They learned that they had a lot in common but also a lot of differences which they liked because their differences somehow complement each other. They knew that they had found “the one.”

On May 16 2009, their lives changed forever. Sharon thought they were going out wine tasting in Carlsbad for Arlan’s birthday. When they got to Carlsbad, Arlan told Sharon that they had some extra time before the tasting and suggested they go to street above the Carlsbad Flower fields where they used to watch countless sunsets and enjoyed nice walks. They found a bench to sit and talk. Arlan rambled on and on about how he felt about turning another year older and how happy he was to be with Sharon. Sharon thought when will they be leaving for the tasting, she didn’t want to be late. Finally, Arlan stood up and Sharon thought it was time to leave. Arlan gently pushed Sharon to sit back down. He professed his love for her and got down on one knee. Sharon was shocked and surprised. She had no clue this was coming especially since they were out to celebrate HIS birthday. Typical Arlan, he is the most unselfish person there is and instead of celebrating his birthday he decides to propose to his girlfriend. Of course Sharon said “yes”. They stood up and started walking back to the car. Arlan asks “Don’t you want to call your parents and let them know the good news?” Sharon took her phone out and started to dial her mom. Just as she put the phone against her ear, she looked up, she noticed both families coming out of a stretched Escalade limo that was parked nearby. They were in it the whole time and watching the proposal from inside the limo. Sharon was even more shocked. It just made the day even more special. They all got into the limo and had lunch at Jakes in Del Mar. It was a perfect and memorable day.

They are enjoying every minute of wedding planning. Time is flying and before you know it we will all be celebrating on June 4, 2011. They are look forward to seeing you all there as they start their lives together.


Posted on: February 25, 2011

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