Tech Time

As you are all well aware, we LIVE and LOVE in a technology driven society full of text messages and FaceBook posts.  I am hoping these few tips help you along the way!

1.  Never text or answer calls while on a date with a significant other or friends.  Calls from children are truly the only exception.  It probably proves correct that the person you are enjoying time with wants to enjoy time with YOU!  It won’t hurt you to actually turn your phone off and devote your complete attention to the person with whom you are spending time.  Remember, they cleared their schedule too!

2.  When posting to FaceBook or MySpace, people don’t want to know who you are WITH or where you are GOING, but rather, who was THERE and where you WENT. This prevents hurt feelings and promotes maturity.  Living out every aspect of your life is common in our society that is slowly being built on self importance (REALITY T.V???).  I too have been guilty of this, as a single mother of two, running a small business.  NO EXCUSES!  We should all try a little harder to be more considerate.

3.  While grocery shopping or out and about, abstain from holding conversations in public.  Step into a restroom or finish your phone conversation prior to entering your destination.  Having a discussion at the beauty salon about your (or a friend’s) escapades is the last thing someone that has made an appointment weeks in advance, wants to encounter.

4.  Refrain from FaceBook while at work.  Although tempting as it may be, your employer isn’t paying you for your commentary on issues at work, coworkers, your weekend plans or your plans for the evening.  Be respectful!  You never know who is following you or commenting.  Really, must you comment on every post or make a post to validate your feelings? “LIKE”

5.  Posing a question or comment to your entire friend list is fine, provided it’s relevant to ALL of them.  Otherwise, you could be viewed as a nuisance. New phone numbers, a new email addresses, an addition to your family YES!  Fundraising…borderline.  Restaurant selections, work out facilities, wedding venues, new shoe purchases, should be inquired upon or commented on in private to a select few or try maybe (pause) a phone call.  I know, I know interesting concept!  I love the sound of my friend’s voice while describing her romantic dinner with her husband or boyfriend.  The giggles, the excitement.  But to break this down to a more comprehensible level.. do “U” believe that all 500 of “UR”  “friends” really want to weigh in on your restaurant choice for your first date with a new guy…or are “U” trying to inform people that you’ve finally got a date, hmmmm?

Miss Parker

Posted on: February 25, 2011

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