Jeff D. 3.2.11

I adore our clients, and it appears that they too adore us!  *Jeff D. of San Diego, Posted this to YELP today 3.2.11.

Thank you Jeff, for allowing us the opportunity to help AND for making US look so good!


Miss Parker

*I first encountered Kymberli when she was located in Little Italy and she helped me put together a gift and was entertaining as hell. I told her then that I would be back when I needed business cards and letterhead … well it took me a year and a half but nine days ago I was ready to follow through on that promise. Only problem is that was a Monday and the shop was closed, not a big issue normally but I really needed the business cards quick. I sent an email to the store briefly explaining my needs and, literally within minutes, Kymberli called me from her cell (on her day off!). I made an appointment to come in the next day and she promised she would do her best to get them done for me before I left on a work trip the following week.

Showed up for my appointment, Kymberli somehow remembered me from my one stop in over a year before, and Leorah immediately got me setup with some design ideas. We put together a completely custom business card along with letterhead and envelopes, a process which Leorah made so easy.

One week and one day later, the lovely Kymberli calls to tell me my cards are done and ready to be picked up. Needless to say they look great and now I’m well equipped for my trip.

Apparently not challenged enough by my business card request, Kymberli has promised to find me a wife. She’s either a saint or a masochist (or maybe just a shrewd business woman since she made me commit to having her do the wedding invites).

Anyway, I love this place and love that they took care of my order lickety-split, no sh*t. Go give them your money, you won’t be let down.

Saved. Thanks!


Posted on: March 2, 2011

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