How are you?

How are you?  Seriously, HOW ARE YOU?  When asked this question it becomes a tad confusing. How are you? “Good!”  What is it specifically you are good with, as I know you are good and even GREAT at OR with a bevy of things.

How are you?  “Fine!”  What exactly are you fine with?  Sounds to me as if you’re settling.

Hmmmmm… Beg to differ?

The main rule (of courser there are exceptions), with this daily etiquette grammatical challenge, if you will allow, is simple… well is an adverb and good is an adjective. Well in fact modifies verbs, adjectives and other adverbs, and good modifies nouns.  Think for a moment about what the word is modifying and  if it’s a verb, you’d do well to use well; otherwise, the good choice is good!

An exception, as there are many… “Well” may be used when describing something that is proper, healthy or suitable. For instance, How are you Miss Parker? “I am well (healthy) today.  My belief is that if people are asking, they are wanting to really know about my state, being, conscious level and health.  Culture, young children and the need to behave younger (and yes, cooler) than I am, at times, cause me to pull away from my wellness and join the ranks of the sickness by becoming “Just Alright” or “Cool.”  That said, please correct me when you catch me, please remind me that I AM WELL! Here’s hoping the next time I run into you, that I find you in the same state!


Miss Parker



Posted on: March 16, 2011

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