Just Say Thank You!

Accepting a compliment seems to be a tough act for a few of us. When someone tells you that your hair looks nice today, the appropriate response isn’t to inform them of how dirty it is, or that it needs a trim. If someone compliments you on your attire, they really don’t want to know how old your pants are or what the fit is like. I find that it isn’t easy to accept a compliment because we may be judged on how the acceptance may be perceived. Miss Madison once told me it sounds conceited if you say thank you without an explanation. I quickly reminded her that the person offering the compliment feels good about offering it, and that it devalues the compliment when you counter with an explanation. Please try to remember that the appropriate response when someone offers you a compliment is Thank You! No explanation…just say Thank You! If you practice this enough, it will become habit! Oh, yes, I too am guilty of this habit, but I am learning…”I love your blog Kymberli!” My reply? “ME TOO (said with a big smile). Thank you and I am glad you’re enjoying it!”

Miss Parker

Posted on: June 7, 2011

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