Is that your glass…or mine?

As you know by now Paper and Etiquette are my passions! I recently was asked to co-host an etiquette class, with my Emily Post Certified friend Suzanne, for children at Wilson Middle School! A BLAST WAS HAD BY ALL! Even the adults hosting the event learned a few new interesting facts about meal-time etiquette! One of my favorites: “DO NOT start to eat until the host touches his or her fork or invites you to begin eating!”

I encourage you to host a small party for two or three of your friends OR a couples gathering, and set a formal table! Don’t tell your guests prior to the event, just allow them to enjoy the meal and the beauty of what a formal setting looks like! Need help? Never fear! A photo is attached of a setting the Queen Bee had set for a class hosted at my store!

Interested in a private lesson for you and your spouse, children or girlfriends (wine included), please contact me at

Bon Appetit!

Miss Parker

Formal Place Setting


Posted on: July 13, 2011

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