YASMIN C. 8.04.11

I truly believe the only thing that separates you from the competition is your customer service. Want proof? Read below what new bride Yasmin C. wrote about us on YELP. Her 5 star rating was enough to have YELP Corporate call us today! Thank you Yasmin and CONGRATULATIONS!

To experience our service for yourself, please feel free to call or drop by! ┬áIt would truly be my pleasure to assist with any job…big or small!

With love,

Miss Parker

Yasmin writes:

Just wanted to give Kymberli a shout-out for her wonderful products and amazing customer service!

I picked up a gorgeous set of blank place cards from Ink a couple of weeks before my wedding, and proceeded to return to the shop twice more in the next three days, as I obsessively practiced my calligraphy and used up place cards (perfectionism at play…I kept thinking I could rewrite them better). Kymberli was highly professional, yet friendly and personable each time I returned. When I realized I’d miscounted my guests and needed yet ANOTHER set, I emailed Kymberli to confirm the store hours and let her know that my (then) fiance would be stopping by to pick up the cards, since I couldn’t. She responded promptly and enthusiastically with the information.

When my fiance came home with the wrong color place cards, I called Kymberli in a panic, as the store was about to close for the weekend and, with my wedding so close, I was running out of spare time to drive to Hillcrest and back. Kymberli actually took the correct set of cards and dropped them in the mail to me that same day, and emailed me shortly thereafter with a UPS tracking number. She saved me time and stress and took it on good faith that I would return the unused, incorrect color placecards after my wedding and honeymoon, when I had more time.

Definitely good faith there (p.s. Kymberli, I’m back in town and will be returning the cards shortly!)…she was a huge help and made my experience much more pleasant than it might have been. If only everyone I worked with for my wedding needs had been so helpful…the planning would have been a breeze. Thanks to Kymberli! :)

Posted on: August 4, 2011

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