Nathan C. 10.9.11

Nathan called and then immediately stopped by!  I put on a quick dog and pony show for him, unpacking all of the latest sweet designs, and coolest trends from all around the Country.  Nathan, thank you for loving what I do, and reminding me that what I do IS special (and a lost art)! Enjoy your cards, and drop by anytime!  Thank you for the 5 Yelp Stars!


Miss Parker

Nathan writes:

I’ve been a customer of Kymberli Parker since 2007.  I’m also an architect and have been exposed to design my entire life.  Everything Kymberli touches looks and feels amazing.  Her abilities are magical. Anything involving the art of making the world a better more beautiful place, I trust Kymberli.

Posted on: October 12, 2011

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