Miss Manners

A dear friend (let’s call her, hmmm, Adrienne) reminded me recently that our children learn from us, and that grace and being polite are learned behaviors that are greatly rewarded and appreciated by society. As we were dining a few weeks ago, having this discussion, catching-up on our lives, she proceeds to charm the PANTS off of the server that was having a crazy-busy night…think 2 hour waits and hungry guests! Amidst all of the chaos, the server was swooning over us! My friend was “Catching Flies with Honey!” Nothing flirtatious (she is EVER the Lady)! She was just being polite, patient and understanding. I truly felt as if WE were the only guests being served! My friend’s Mother is amazing, and as I’ve exhibited, she is too. Not only do children learn from their parents, but we all learn from each other!

The holidays are upon us, that means busy is times 10 and we all have IMPORTANT (pause) things that need to be accomplished. Let us not forget compassion for others. 1.We don’t know where a person is in their day. Remember Miss Parker’s 3P’s~Please Practice Patience! 2. Is what we are griping about really that important?

I am hoping for you, my friends, a Holiday Season filled with Love of Friends and Family and Peace and Patience Galore!

With Love,

Miss Parker

Posted on: October 26, 2011

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