Katie R. 1.23.12

I am a sucker for love…there…now you all know! No matter how many times I assist in the preparation of wedding suites, I am still enamored with the utterly romantic notion that two people in the world find each other, and then decide to create a life together! BEAUTIFUL!

Imagine my amazement when one of my FAVE couples wandered in with boy/girl twins! My eyes welled up, as I was completely moved! They asked me to help prepare Baptism Invitations, and it dawned on me that the circle for them (and for this tiny little stationer) had become complete! What a SWEET honor!

Katie R., Thank you for recognizing that for me, this isn’t just about selling paper! I love my clients!

Blessings to the Sweetest Sweets around!

Miss Parker (aka. Auntie Kymberli the Paper Doll)

Katie R. wites:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE “Ink by Kymberli Parker.”   Two years ago my husband and I stopped in to what was then “India Ink” to look at wedding invitations.  We really didn’t know what we were looking for or have any idea about appropriate wording/etiquette associated with the invites. Not to worry, Kymberli knew it all. We gave her a few details about the ceremony and reception and told her we wanted to keep it simple. She put together a gorgeous invitation for us.  Kymberli knew we had a budget that we were trying to stay within and she took that into consideration offering different options on envelopes and response cards to help us save.  I have a hard time telling people when I don’t like something, worrying that I will offend them.  Kymberli made me feel really comfortable and could read when I was not feeling a certain theme or pattern. Her concern was that we got what we were looking for and she was willing to spend the time to find out what that was.

Since the wedding, we have stopped by “Ink” whenever a paper need arises (thank you cards, that random gift you need, etc).  We live just a few blocks away and often walk our dog past.  Kymberli always gives us a wave or stops us to catch up.  My most recent trip there was a couple of weeks ago to order Christening invitations for our new babies which again turned out beautifully (the invitations and the babies).   It was awesome to have gone full circle with Kymberli and share our special occasions with someone who is so genuinely interested in helping make these life events so special.

I recommend “Ink” to anyone looking for that personal experience.

Posted on: February 19, 2012

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