Ashley A. the Girl Scout

I’ve reminded you all about the importance of a Thank You Note or Card! No matter when you send one…just do!

The rule in our home with gifts is that “You Cannot Cash It, Charge It, Or Use It, Until You Send A Thank You Note!”  PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT!

I’ve got plenty in stock! Why not treat yourself to a plain box or even a personalized/monogrammed set? Crane & Company still has the best deal around! $99.00 for 50 with lined envelopes!   Not in the mood to purchase? Check out the nifty card that my favourite Girl Scout made me, after I purchased my goodies! This is a first in my long history of “contributing” to the Girl Scouts of America!

Amendment : No matter when you send one…or what it looks like…just do! 😉

Thank you Ashley! WE LOVE YOUR CARD! It made our wall of fame! What a great idea mom…we will be purchasing from Ashley again! (Yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with the Thank You Note!)

Thank You!

Miss Parker



Posted on: March 1, 2012

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