Pretty little things…Butterfly

Michelle & Guillermo…The Chicago Way

What better way to highlight the fact that the wedding will be in Chi-Town? This Letterpress Show-Poster Style Save-the-Date is simply RAD! Thank you M&G for trusting me! Yours in Stationery Sweetness, The Paper Doll

Beautiful, Glamourous Table Numbers!

Cards, Notes, Stationery, Pens, Letterpressing, Weddings, Hand-Addressing, and MORE! Check it out!

Yo’ Mama!

Ashley A. the Girl Scout

I’ve reminded you all about the importance of a Thank You Note or Card! No matter when you send one…just do! The rule in our home with gifts is that “You Cannot Cash It, Charge It, Or Use It, Until You Send A Thank You Note!”  PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT! I’ve got plenty in stock! Why […]

Katie R. 1.23.12

I am a sucker for love…there…now you all know! No matter how many times I assist in the preparation of wedding suites, I am still enamored with the utterly romantic notion that two people in the world find each other, and then decide to create a life together! BEAUTIFUL! Imagine my amazement when one of my […]

Desigirl L. 1.21.12

Thank you for the amazing YELP 5 Star Review! Working with your family has brought much joy to my company and its employees (big and small)! “Ain’t nobody like my Desigirl!” Your trust means the world to us! Now…on to the next event! Miss P. Desigirl L. writes: This is my first time ever writing […]

Kamilah T. 1.7.12

As you know, INK by Kymberli Parker is mostly associated with wedding etiquette, verbiage, and wedding stationery suites. Rarely do we receive a review about our other services such as hand-addressing, design, personalized stationery, branding, business stationery suites and holiday cards (to name a few)! Mrs. T. was kind enough to offer up 5 Yelp […]

Jill T. 1.3.12

Dearest Jill T, Thank you for allowing us to do what we do! Your 5 Star Yelp Review was a great way to get our New Year underway! Congratulations to you and Lucky Mr. T! Happy Wedding Weekend! MAHALO! Miss Parker Jill writes: I first used Ink for my father’s Celebration of Life.  They respected […]