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Pretty little things…Glam Table Numbers

Pretty little things…She Sells Sea Shells

Michelle & Guillermo…The Chicago Way

What better way to highlight the fact that the wedding will be in Chi-Town? This Letterpress Show-Poster Style Save-the-Date is simply RAD! Thank you M&G for trusting me! Yours in Stationery Sweetness, The Paper Doll

Cards, Notes, Stationery, Pens, Letterpressing, Weddings, Hand-Addressing, and MORE! Check it out!

Ashley A. the Girl Scout

I’ve reminded you all about the importance of a Thank You Note or Card! No matter when you send one…just do! The rule in our home with gifts is that “You Cannot Cash It, Charge It, Or Use It, Until You Send A Thank You Note!” ┬áPERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT! I’ve got plenty in stock! Why […]

Miss Manners

A dear friend (let’s call her, hmmm, Adrienne) reminded me recently that our children learn from us, and that grace and being polite are learned behaviors that are greatly rewarded and appreciated by society. As we were dining a few weeks ago, having this discussion, catching-up on our lives, she proceeds to charm the PANTS […]

Alison D. 8.19.11

Our BEAUTIFUL Bride Alison D. was wowed by our service and selections for her wedding suite. We were wowed by Alison’s smarts, beauty and commitment to our Country. This Marine allowed us the opportunity to help with her BIG day and we were nothing less than DELIGHTED to work with her. Her story may be […]

Is that your glass…or mine?

As you know by now Paper and Etiquette are my passions! I recently was asked to co-host an etiquette class, with my Emily Post Certified friend Suzanne, for children at Wilson Middle School! A BLAST WAS HAD BY ALL! Even the adults hosting the event learned a few new interesting facts about meal-time etiquette! One […]

Just Say Thank You!

Accepting a compliment seems to be a tough act for a few of us. When someone tells you that your hair looks nice today, the appropriate response isn’t to inform them of how dirty it is, or that it needs a trim. If someone compliments you on your attire, they really don’t want to know […]


While on holiday in Europe last month, I discovered while waiting behind 50 people in line for gelato at Bertillion, that NOBODY was on the phone, texting, sighing heavily or eyeballing the person in front of them. They were waiting patiently…interesting concept! “We all have something to do and someplace to be, but patiently waiting […]