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How are you?

How are you?  Seriously, HOW ARE YOU?  When asked this question it becomes a tad confusing. How are you? “Good!”  What is it specifically you are good with, as I know you are good and even GREAT at OR with a bevy of things. How are you?  “Fine!”  What exactly are you fine with?  Sounds to […]

A Lady…

Never chews gum in public.  If you are in need of a refresher for your breath, a mint or excusing yourself to the powder room to brush your teeth are more suitable choices.  Miss Parker    

Tech Time

As you are all well aware, we LIVE and LOVE in a technology driven society full of text messages and FaceBook posts.  I am hoping these few tips help you along the way! 1.  Never text or answer calls while on a date with a significant other or friends.  Calls from children are truly the […]

Thank You Notes

Thank You! Gracias Thank You! Merci Thank You! Domo  Arigato A letter signifies that someone has gone the extra mile to communicate.  Although, living in such a tech society, we may become more reliant on an email or text message to convey our gratitude. Imagine leaving an interview in this economic environment, and following up […]