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Yo’ Mama!

Ashley A. the Girl Scout

I’ve reminded you all about the importance of a Thank You Note or Card! No matter when you send one…just do! The rule in our home with gifts is that “You Cannot Cash It, Charge It, Or Use It, Until You Send A Thank You Note!”  PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT! I’ve got plenty in stock! Why […]


I know, I KNOW!!! I am just letting YOU all know that now would be a perfect time to send over your favourite summer photo, and let us help turn it into an amazing Holiday Card! Make your list, check it twice, let INK help you come up with something really nice! From postage to hand-addressing, […]


I know, I know! Who wants to talk “holidays”? We do, when the summer deals are this hot! Personalized stationery for $59?! I’m serious! Crane & Co. has put together a collection of designs that they are offering at a special summer price, starting at $59 for a set of 50. Choose from a variety […]