Etiquette Classes San Diego

In this quickly-changing world, we know there’s at least one thing that will never go out of style: manners!

To send a Thank-You card or not, is that the question?

Which fork to use, is that the question?

Mrs. Parker Charm School offers etiquette classes in San Diego on a variety of subjects from which fork, glass or plate to use, writing a gracious thank-you note and even how to address an envelope properly! Kymberli Parker, along with her Emily Post Institute training, will help you and your children become the most gracious guest or host possible.

Classes include the following instruction:


10 Week Course Study or Individually Tailored to meet your needs
Great for Parties!


5 Week Course Study or Individually Tailored to meet your needs
Recommended for Wedding Parties, Travelers, Diplomats and Business Professionals looking to stand out

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