All the things you do before you say “I Do”

Wedding InvitationsIf you’re here, it’s because you, or someone you know, is planning a wedding. You’re in the midst of a myriad of decisions; dates, locations, whether to invite crazy Uncle Bob and his latest girlfriend or just pretend his invitation got lost in the mail.

Last time I checked, they still did not have “Wedding Preparation 101” at the local university, which means that unless you’re a wedding planner, you’ll be relying on what your friends, your mom, your coworkers, and Google tell you to do. When is it appropriate to send a Save-the-Date card, when to send the Invitations, what is the proper verbiage, how to address them, how you figure out who Uncle Bob sits next to, what gifts to give your bridesmaids, when to send thank you notes, what to write on those, and the list goes on!

Well, guess what? We are THE premier wedding stationers. We LOVE sitting down with you to LISTEN to your dreams and desires, and help come up with a PLAN to check off those items one by one, so that you’ll send out BEAUTIFUL and TIMELY Save-The-Date cards, Invitations, and Thank-You Notes. We’ll figure out how to CAREFULLY tell Uncle Bob not to wear his overalls! We’ll show you the GIFTS that bridesmaids and groomsmen love! MOST OF ALL, we’ll do it with as much CARE and ATTENTION TO DETAIL as if we were helping our own daughter or son.

Let us guide you through the process of creating a wedding stationery suite that reflects the unique flair of your wedding. Let us help you relax, enjoy and fulfill your dream!

Please call us to schedule a no-obligation consultation. 619-233-4203.